About Us

Neha Industries have been delivering goods consistently year after year as per stringent demands from customers, consultants and Third party surveyors.

Our Floor Gratings have been installed in most of the refineries, off shore platforms, Acid plants, Fertilizer plants, Petrochemical/Chemical Plants, Sugar factories, Thermal Power Plants, etc. to name a few.

Over the years we have gained experience and achieved the expertise to manufacture Floor Gratings of quality and accuracy unmatched in the industry.Neha Industries manufactures Gratings and other products under all major Third party Inspection agencies like; BVIS, LRIS, TUV, TPL, UDHE, EIL, PDIL, etc…

Neha Industries gratings can be factory precut to suit customer's specification including cutouts to fit around piping, stack, machines etc ready for speedy installation in the field. Careful quality control in the manufacturing process ensures longer life and excellent appearance.

The object being to make it as easy as possible for Engineers and Architects to select and specify the most suitable grating for the job. Whilst we have tried our best to make this information complete and useful to the maximum extent, we want you to know that we are ready to answer any question which may not be covered herein. it is our belief that a pleased and satisfied customer is our best advertisement & achievement.

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