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Pipe Scaffolding

Telescopic adjustable Steel props
Props are manufactured from ERW Steel pipes and have adjustable length from 6.5’ to 13’. These props are manufactured from 60.3 mm OD outer member and 48.3 mm OD inner member. The thickness of the member is designed according to the required load carrying capacity. These props are type tested for the load capacity. We have load testing machine for demonstrating the load capacity. Props can be supplied with integral sleeve or welded sleeve as per customer requirement. The sleeve is treaded in house with acme treads in close tolerance.  The base plate at both the ends is of 6” x 6” x 6 mm thk. The props are provided with heavy duty nut and G-pin with wire rope. Props can be supplied with Painted finish or Hot Dip Galvanized finish.

H-Frames and U-Frames
H-Frames consist of welded frames, with 48.3 mm OD verticals braced together with scissor type cross braces secured by clips. They are used as access scaffolding in a high rise structure for wall plastering, painting, cleaning etc. H-Frames are available in widths of 900 mm,1250 mm,1800 mm and heights of 1000 mm, 1500 mm, 2000 mm.

Cuplock Scaffolding
Transoms ledgers with fittings at both ends lock into Cuplock housings or captive collar welded on the verticals at 500 or 1000 mm c/c to form Scaffolding or Staging. The main advantage is allowing change in working levels by removing and refixing Transoms ledgers at different levels without disturbing Scafolding. The erection and dismantling is easy, fast with only use of Hammer.

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