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Steel Floor Gratings, Stair Treads and Clamps

Floor Gratings and Stair Treads by Neha Industries ensures easy and safe working, walking and wheeling surface. Bearing bars and cross bars are welded into one piece Grating with top of all bars being flush in one plane. Uniformity of material and design ensures trouble free services throughout the life of the Gratings. Factory tested and inspected Gratings gives the user full value for money.

Gratings by Neha Industries are precise, graceful and symmetrical. They are available in many classic patterns, all of which are designed for strength, uniform wear and attractive appearance. Gratings are available in rectangular and zig-zag pattern, with member size and center distances (pitch) as per loading conditions.

Gratings are mostly custom made as per the customers requirement and drawings. For the most techno-economical selection, specify  NEHA INDUSTRIES for all  your Gratings requirement. NEHA INDUSTRIES products are sold on the basis of guaranteed satisfaction to our valued customers.
Gratings are available in various finish as under:
For quicker deliveries to customers, Gratings can be delivered without any coating. Gratings can then be primed and painted at site.
Gratings can be primed with red oxide for protection during transit and storage at site, before installation.
Gratings can be primed and finish painted as per customer's requirement and specifications.
Gratings can be Hot Dip Galvanized as per Indian Standards (ISI), for protection from corrosion in damp environment.
While ordering Gratings kindly specify following details:
  Material of construction
  UDL and point load expected
  Size of bars with center spacing
  Size of Gratings with span direction
  Serrated or non-Serrated top surface
  Finish required
  Clamping system
  Type of nosing in case of stair Treads
  Type of Packing required


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